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Uber Drivers Get Paid to Use The Play Octopus Tablet

Drivers are able to make up to $100 per month just for having this free tablet in their car while doing rideshare. Drivers get bonuses too, based on how much their passengers interact with the tablet. Those bonuses are in addition to the $100. In addition to the extra earnings from high scores and advertisements, drivers report that this new source of entertainment inspires better conversation, higher driver ratings, and better tips.

Increase tips

The Best Habits to Get More Tips

According to a field study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, only 16% of all trips are tipped and nearly 60% of people never tip, while only 1% of people always tip. So, let’s look at 6 ways of getting your tip average up near 25% in a world where most riders will never tip.

Freebird Rides: Cash Back on all your Uber and Lyft Rides

Freebird Referrals

As part of Freebird’s Referral Program, Freebird will pay you $10 for every new Freebird rider who uses your invite code. Whenever a new Freebird user enters your invite code and takes their first ride, you receive $10 in your Freebird account. You can then transfer the cash balance to your bank account.

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