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Uber Drivers Get Paid to Use The Play Octopus Tablet


Rideshare Advertising With This Free Tablet Can Give Your Earnings a Boost!

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How does it work?

Play Octopus believes in ‘enhancing the rideshare journey for riders and drivers’. The Play Octopus Rideshare Tablet mounts to the back of the headrest with free games, trivia and more for passengers to play for the duration of their ride. They can earn cash prizes for their high scores, which is an incentive for them to play. 

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Drivers are able to make up to $100 per month just for having the tablet in their car while doing rideshare. Drivers get bonuses too, based on how much their passengers interact with the tablet. Those bonuses are in addition to the $100. In addition to the extra earnings from high scores and advertisements, drivers report that this new source of entertainment inspires better conversation, higher driver ratings, and better tips.

How to Qualify

After a short application online, qualifying rideshare drivers (Lyft, Uber, Via etc…) can receive a Play Octopus Tablet, mount, and charger for free in order to earn more. The biggest qualifier is that drivers must complete 100 rides per month. 

Rider Experience

Riders are able to engage in interactive gameplay for free. Games include trivia and spot the difference. They are able to win prizes during their trip and read more about their driver, which many say inspires better conversation. The high scorer of the day receives a $25 Amazon gift card. If they do not wish to play, or wish to turn the screen off, there is a sleep mode that they can activate for the duration of their ride. For many, entertainment makes the rides feel shorter.

“Over 90% of drivers report higher tips, or ratings, and a noticeable improvement in their driving experience.” 
According to Play Octopus. 

Driver Dearnings

Most of the money comes from advertising. There are small clips of ads between games that allow the Play Octopus Tablet to pay for itself and to compensate drivers who participate. So, the more time one drives, the more ads riders will see, and the more time they will play. All of these factors lead to more money earned for the driver. 

Additionally, if individuals who already have a Play Octopus Tablet refer another driver to the program, they will receive a $25 bonus.  Riders are gently prompted with personalized messages that remind them to give their driver a 5-Star rating, tip and even tells the rider a little about the driver, if that driver chooses to fill out a short bio.

Payments are directly deposited into the driver’s checking account, similar to how Uber and Lyft pay drivers. makes no guarantees in respect to any products or offers. Your experience may differ from ours. Read the fine print and reviews when selecting any products or services.  We may receive a referral fee for recommending some of the products, apps or services listed on this website.  This article is for informational purposes only.

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  1. My tips and rating has gone up since getting the Octopus tablet. Pax are constantly mentioning how fun it is. It brings out the competitive nature when there are multiple pax using it as well. I mount mine between my two seats so that pax on either side can access it. Definitely a welcome addition to rideshare.

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