GetUpside Review

GetUpside Review: Will You Save on Gas?

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Picture this: you’re driving down the road looking for somewhere to fill up on gas, but everywhere you look, it seems like the prices are too high. That’s where GetUpside comes in to save the day and save you some money.

GetUpside is an app that gives you discounts on gas. Not only are you getting discounts when you fill up, it also has cash back offers. Why pay full price at the gas pump?

Every driver benefits from this, but none more than rideshare and delivery drivers or other people whose business can be affected by rising gas prices.

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How does GetUpside Work?

GetUpside partners with a wide variety of gas stations, grocery and convenience stores, and restaurants to give you cash back on the things you buy already. You open the map, filter by gas, restaurants, groceries, or all 3, see what savings are available nearby, select a business and you’re ready to go.

getupside partners

How Do I Use GetUpside?

The first step is to download the app here

Next, just enter the promo code RSGURU to get an additional $0.20 off on the first fill up. (That’s in addition to the savings you already get, meaning you’ll save up to $0.45/gallon if you use the promo code RSGURU.)

Then sign up using a Google, Facebook, Apple or email account and you’re ready to start saving.

Find the best gas prices near you on the map

GetUpside Map for gas cashback

Claim the offer and check in to get your cash back

Compare and Save

On the main screen of GetUpside, it shows all the different gas stations/restaurants/grocery stores near you that can save you money and get you cash back.

Don’t forget to compare prices as well as offers, the end goal is to save money after all.

Now It’s Time to Claim Your Offer!

You can click on whichever gas station you want to fill up at and claim the offer. You have to be sure to check in to that place within 4 hours of claiming the offer. Claiming the offer means it’s time to make your purchase.

Up Next: Complete Your Transaction

You travel to, and check in at the gas station. If there is a blue badge, you can skip the receipt. If there’s no blue badge? No problem, just scan your receipt. 

Also be sure to pay with a credit or debit card. Then boom, you’re saving money! It’s so simple that anyone can enjoy the savings.

GetUpside Review

The Best Part of This App? It’s free to download and anyone can install it. It’s convenient for anyone who ever needs to fill up their tank.

It is also incredibly beneficial for Lyft and Uber drivers because of the rising gas prices. These drivers want to make money to spend on important things in their lives, they don’t want to be shelling all their earnings back into their gas.

With the discounted gas and cash back offers, it’s a no-brainer for Lyft and Uber drivers to sign up and start saving.

The bottom line

It’s free to download, anyone can use it, it gives you a discount on gas, and you get cash back while you use it. 

Is GetUpside app legit? Uber recently partnered with GetUpside cash back app to help rideshare drivers save money with talks of expanding their partnership in the future. It’s a legitimate app with no scams or hidden fees associated with it.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to start using the app today to save up to $0.45/gal cash back on your first fill up with promo code RSGURU!

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