Dashcams are an important part of working from your car. Protecting you if something happens, functioning as a deterrent and providing peace of mind.

Best Dash Cams for Uber & Lyft Drivers 1
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Best Dash Cams for Uber & Lyft Drivers

We’ve reviewed the best dashcams for Uber and Lyft drivers based on features and value. ​Whether you want a dual facing camera that records inside of the car, or a cheap dash cam just for some added protection, we’ve got the best dashcams for Uber & Lyft drivers picked out.

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Dashcam Consent Laws for Uber and Lyft Drivers
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Can I Use a Dashcam While Driving for Uber?

There is nothing worse when doing Uber or Lyft than having a passenger that is unruly, rude, or downright dangerous.  A dashcam is simply a must-have for anyone doing rideshare, be it for your protection or theirs. Some passengers don’t like being recorded and may choose to cancel the ride, but most are

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Dashcams: Recording and Two-Party Consent
Marie Sotelo

Dashcams: Recording and Two-Party Consent

If you’re a rideshare driver, it only takes one shaky encounter to make you thankful for your dashcam. Not only do dashcams serve as a deterrent to unwanted passenger behavior, but they also protect you in the event of unfounded claims from disgruntled passengers. One major concern, however, is your legal right to record passengers.

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