There are countless ways to increase your earnings beyond just what Uber, Lyft, etc. pay you for rides. Here are some resources to make it happen.

Rideshare Guru

The Best Way for Rideshare Drivers to Pay Tolls and Save Money

Uproad is offering new users a free $5 credit to use towards tolls for a limited time. Use the PROMO code RSGURU to claim. As a rideshare driver, paying tolls is an annoying task. Uber and Lyft passengers pay for tolls while in the vehicle, but drivers pay any tolls encountered after the ride ends.

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Cleo Card
Sharee Biggs

Cleo Card: The Credit Builder That Keeps On Giving

The Cleo card is the credit builder that keeps on giving. It was created by the makers of the budgeting app of the same name. The card was designed with you in mind to help ease the burden of bad credit. Get this! Unlike with other lenders, there is no credit check.

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Uber Driver Pay Rates by City (per Mile and per Minute)

Rideshare drivers keep asking, “how much does uber pay in my city?”, “how much does uber pay per mile?”, “how much does uber pay per minute?”, etc.

A recent Reddit thread asked drivers how much Uber pays in their city, and we have collected the results including the per-mile rate and the per-minute rate.

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Acorns: How it Works and Why You Need It 21
Candice Elliott

Acorns: How it Works and Why You Need It

Acorns is the top micro-investing app in the United States. Its easy-to-use, mobile-centered interface makes it easy for anyone to save and invest their spare change. Acorns enables customers to automatically invest in low-cost, diversified portfolios

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Best Radar Detectors for 2021
Charissa K

Best Radar Detectors for 2021

A speeding ticket can get you deactivated from many of the rideshare and delivery app platforms. You can be the most vigilant, careful driver and still not notice the increased rate of the flow of traffic or miss a lowered speed limit sign. Radar detectors alert you to a police radar gun active nearby, which can help remind you to slow down and avoid unwanted tickets. We’ve reviewed the top Radar Detectors for 2021.

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