There are countless ways to increase your earnings beyond just what Uber, Lyft, etc. pay you for rides. Here are some resources to make it happen.

Charissa K

Best Radar Detectors for 2021

A speeding ticket can get you deactivated from many of the rideshare and delivery app platforms. You can be the most vigilant, careful driver and still not notice the increased rate of the flow of traffic or miss a lowered speed limit sign. Radar detectors alert you to a police radar gun active nearby, which can help remind you to slow down and avoid unwanted tickets. We’ve reviewed the top Radar Detectors for 2021.

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credit cards for uber drivers
Rideshare Guru

Best Credit Cards for Uber Drivers

Whether you create a business, like an LLC or an S-Corp, for your rideshare business, or you are just doing it under your own name, you can reap the benefits of cash back and mileage rewards cards for these expenses and get up to 5% back on all of your purchases. This adds up!

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Bryant Greening
Rideshare Guru

Recorded Webinar: Unemployment Insurance for Gig Workers

View the recording of this FREE LIVE WEBINAR with attorney Bryant Greening will cover topics such as Unemployment Insurance for Gig Workers, the Overall Impact of COVID-19 on Rideshare Drivers, Delivery Drivers and Gig Workers, accidents and injuries and use of dash cams.

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Ken Boyd

How to Apply for a Forgivable Small Business Loan: The CARES Act

Independent contractors small business owners can apply for loans to cover payroll and other costs through the recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Congress passed this legislation to help businesses that are affected by the pandemic. This article explains the requirements you must meet, and how to apply for a loan.

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Covid-19 Help
Ken Boyd

Financial Help for Gig Workers During the COVID-19 Shutdown

The coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for rideshare drivers and gig economy workers to earn a living. Stimulus payments, unemployment insurance and several other programs have recently been made available for independent contractors. Here are 5 ways to get financial assistance.

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