The Frequent Flyer Program For Ground Transportation

The Frequent Flyer Program For Ground Transportation

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Download the Miles app for free here. 

Miles is an innovative new app that has recently caught our attention and helps you get more out of your time on the road. Its main function is to help people save money and take advantage of deals while you go about your daily life. 

The way it works is pretty simple: As you travel around your city and rack up mileage, you earn ‘miles’ that you can redeem for rewards. 

It works similarly to a Frequent Flyer program with airlines. The more you travel, the more you earn – which creates a prime opportunity for rideshare and delivery drivers who are already driving a lot anyway. 

Think of how many miles you drive in a week. According to some estimates, a full-time rideshare driver can drive over 1,000 miles per week, totaling over 50,000 miles per year. You’re already getting paid for those miles, but you can enhance your earnings and add value to your rides by syncing up with the Miles app, which automatically tracks your miles to later be redeemed for rewards.

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How to Earn Passive Income

To start earning miles, they make it very simple – all you have to do is simply download the app and set up an account. 

Once set up, Miles automatically logs miles for every form of travel, including walking and public transportation. It is essentially a universal travel rewards program, intending to connect people to relevant businesses and good deals. 

Miles rewards a different number of miles depending on the type of travel. To encourage more eco-friendly means of transport and reduce carbon emissions, Miles has ranked the number of miles earned in order of impact, giving the fewest for air travel and the most for walking. Miles also incentivizes carpools and rideshare services, awarding you 2 miles for each rideshare mile. 

Here is a breakdown of the number of miles you earn for each transportation method, so you can get a better idea of what you could earn, simply just by maintaining your daily routine:

  • .1 miles for each air mile
  • 1 mile for each car mile
  • 2 miles for each carpool or ride-share mile
  • 3 miles for each mass transit mile
  • 5 miles for each biking mile
  • 10 miles for each walking mile 

The only thing to be aware of is that Miles runs as a background app, so you can only earn miles if you have location services connected. But if you’re a rideshare driver, Uber, Lyft, etc. are already collecting that information so it probably isn’t that big of a deal. In the case of rideshare and delivery driving, we will take the rewards over a little less privacy.

Redeem Points for Relevant Rewards

As you log miles, you will become eligible for various rewards, including exclusive experiences, products, and services.

 Some examples include:

  • Free coffee at Starbucks

  • Free gas
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Silvercar rentals
  • Discounts on HelloFresh meal kits 

You can cash in your miles whenever you like, and select rewards that are relevant to your interests from a variety of tiers. There’s a great selection of rewards in our opinion, and they are tailored to your unique interests and travels with the app’s predictive AI platform. 

There are tons of offers on the platform, but it does a good job of streamlining it to your unique interests. The app works to create predictive recommendations based on your position and past likes and dislikes. For example, if you frequent a coffee shop that’s partnered with the app, the app will see your recurrent travel there, and maybe one of your rewards will be free coffee. The app pays attention to your needs and will tailor rewards to fit these needs, enhancing the user experience and making rideshare drivers’ lives a bit easier. 

 “By leveraging the Miles’ predictive AI platform, businesses and brands can deliver value to customers by offering to meet their near future needs as they travel, such as when someone needs a meal, a fill-up at the gas station, or a ride,” wrote the Miles team. “Annoying marketing can become true customer service by enabling hyper-targeted rewards to an immediate need.”

Drive More & Earn More

 As you earn more points, you can move into elite status tiers (similarly to airline rewards programs), beginning with Silver status and moving to Gold or Platinum depending on your monthly activity. 

The per-point value varies depending on the specific reward, but the redemption rates remain consistently when redeeming gift cards. For example, for a $5 gift card:

  • Silver members will use 3,000 points (a value of about 0.17 cents/point)

  • Gold members 2,500 points (0.20 cents/point)

  • Platinum members 2,000 points (0.25 cents/point)

Considering an Uber driver is potentially hitting over 1,000 miles each week, and Miles doubles that, you can easily earn free coffee every week. Maybe you can work your way up to Platinum membership and earn 2 free coffees each week! An alternative option is to save your points and cash in for a bigger reward. 

This is just one example of a reward you can use your points for, discount codes for retail purchases and other rewards aren’t as easy to translate to specific point values as they vary based on the user and business. 

Some of the partners that Miles currently works with for rewards are Winc, Shipt, Chewy, Geologie, Home Chef, Tidal, and Reebok. The app is expanding its influence in cities so we expect to see more partners join forces with Miles to share rewards in the future, ultimately making the rewards more lucrative and unique.

A Perfect Match for Rideshare & Delivery Drivers

We find this app to be particularly enticing for rideshare and delivery drivers because we are already driving many miles per day, so why not start earning free things and ultimately saving money without having to do anything differently? 

You get points automatically for every mile you drive, and when driving for a rideshare app such as Lyft or Uber, you are rewarded with double the miles. 

With 24/7 location tracking, Miles definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. However if this doesn’t bother you (data is pulled from tons of other apps and sources anyways), then this app is a great way of adding value to your rideshare and delivery driving.

How to Start Racking up Miles

Miles has gained support from high-profile investors including Porsche Digital, Sony Innovation Fund, and JetBlue Technology Ventures. It seems to be generating a lot of buzz and receiving positive feedback from early adapters.

You can download the app here and start earning rewards for your miles traveled today.

Use Invite Code I8DVDP and get up to 2,000 miles as a new user bonus!


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