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2019 Rideshare Driver Tax Guide

Let’s explore how to minimize the tax burden that rideshare drivers often face. A great way to lower your tax bill is to get every deduction and credit that you are legally entitled to as a small business owner. There are many deductions and credits that drivers are often unaware of.

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7 Easy Yoga Stretches for Uber Drivers

When you’ve been driving for hours at a time, it’s common to experience muscle tension or even pain throughout your body. Taking a short break every once and a while to stretch quickly can help you feel much more comfortable behind the wheel.

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2020 Rideshare Insurance Guide

You may have your own auto policy, but most personal auto policies have an exclusion for using your car for carrying passengers or doing delivery. While Uber and Lyft have their own policies to cover drivers, there are times when this coverage is minimal. Let’s look at how each respective policy works.

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Uber Drivers Get Paid to Use The Play Octopus Tablet

Drivers are able to make up to $100 per month just for having this free tablet in their car while doing rideshare. Drivers get bonuses too, based on how much their passengers interact with the tablet. Those bonuses are in addition to the $100. In addition to the extra earnings from high scores and advertisements, drivers report that this new source of entertainment inspires better conversation, higher driver ratings, and better tips.

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