Top 20 Things every rideshare driver needs

Top 20 Things Every Rideshare Driver Needs

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Here are the most requested items from Rideshare and Delivery Drivers.

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Protect Yourself

It’s a great idea to have recordings for rideshare in case of unruly passengers or an accident.

Most passengers won’t mind being recorded and the peace of mind you’ll get is priceless.

Dash cams can be complicated, and what can you afford? We break it down for you. Check out our article on the best Dash Cam Options for every budget.


WeatherTech makes custom fitted floor liners and mats for nearly every make and model of vehicle. 

The perfect fit means that nothing makes it to your carpet. You can pull these out and hose them off and they fit right back in place perfectly.  WeatherTech mats have raised edges, so snow, mud, liquids and anything else from shoes, spills, etc. stay in the mat until you take it out and remove it.

This is a must have item in any climate, but especially for people taking kids or passengers in their car on a regular basis.  Preserving the condition of your vehicle makes these mats pay for themselves.

Rideshare Insurance

Avoid coverage gaps
Protect yourself against coverage gaps in insurance with rideshare Insurance

Make sure you are covered!

Personal auto insurance policies will typically exclude any ridesharing activities.

Most rideshare companies offer some insurance coverage but often not enough to cover you fully.

There are a few coverage gaps that exist between your personal auto policy and what ridesharing companies offer their employees.

The best way to cover these gaps is to purchase a rideshare policy through a separate company, such as these:

Don't get stranded

You don’t want to miss out on rides from a dead battery.

Picture it, you are ready to leave to rideshare and your car won’t start. A portable car battery could be the difference of a days work or more. A definite must for any vehicle especially as winter sets in and batteries get cold.

This model has fast USB charging and a flashlight. Long lasting, these batteries really can make a difference.

Earn $100-$300 Per Month with This Free Tablet

Play Octopus sends you a free tablet and mount. You mount it to your headrest for your passengers to enjoy and get paid for having it in your car. 

Besides you getting paid just for having the tablet when doing rides, you’re paid based on how much your passengers interact with the tablet. Passengers play games, watch videos and earn prizes, so beside them being entertained, they can win something as an added bonus. The more they use the tablet, the more you earn.  

In addition, it reminds them to tip and can have some (optional) bio info about you. Try it. If you don’t like it, you can send it back. There is no cost to you.

Hot Food = More Tips

Not only are you required to have a hot bag for Uber Eats, Doordash, and GrubHub, but delivering cold food results in low ratings and fewer tips.

We’ve reviewed some of the best thermal bags for delivery drivers. 

Check out our Best Hot Bags for Delivery Drivers review.

No more fumbling with wires

You should never take your eyes off of the road to look at a phone in your lap. Mount your phone in your line of sight so you don’t miss anything.

On top of the safety aspect, being able to click your phone in with one hand and have it begin charging immediately is really convenient.  

Most of these chargers work with Apple, Samsung and most other wireless charging capable phones.

Dirty Cars Get Low Ratings

Not much needs to be said here. Keep your car clean!

The vacuum cleaners at gas stations aren’t always free and they don’t usually have an upholstery brush to get the little crumbs, dirt and dust from the small crevices and between the fabric fibers.

This can be tucked away in your trunk so it’s available any time you need it. Mine fits with the spare tire, so it’s not taking up trunk space at all.

Reduce Back Pain

Sitting for long periods of time isn’t great for your body. Especially your back.  Stiffness and pain can be the result of a long day’s work.

(Read 7 Easy Yoga Stretches for Uber Drivers.)

There are all kinds of seat cushions available with features like massage, heat, gel, and more. Check out the selection. Your back will thank you.

Long Term Protection for Your Vehicle

Think of the worst thing that can happen and a minor inconvenience. It may There are a lot of bad things that could happen in-between. Dog hair, cookie crumbs, vomit, or worse. 

You don’t usually feel relief from buying car insurance until you get in an accident. The same goes for seat covers. You may not know that you needed them until it’s too late. Besides protecting your car, someone making a mess can result in you not being able to work for the rest of the day.  With the right seat covers, you can remove them and clean them.

There are a variety of options fitted for your specific vehicle and they aren’t really that expensive. Certainly not as expensive as not having them can be.

Remind Them To Rate You

Signs are an easy way to communicate expectations 

You want customers to understand what you want from them without needing to repeat yourself ad nauseum. Whether that means no food in the cab, or phone chargers available.

Remind riders of the importance of rating you well without an awkward conversation. Easily keep passengers informed with handy signs.

Organize Snacks & Tissues to Keep Your Car Clean

Whether you use it to keep your personal items organized up front, or snacks and tissues in the back seat, these organizers can help keep your car tidy and improve tips. 

There are ones that sit on the floor, seat, arm rest, or on the back of the passenger seat. 

Many include a mini trash bin so you don’t find garbage from passengers all over your car at the end of a ride.

Keeps Your Car Fresh

There are several air purifiers for your car available.  Some claim to not only remove smells, but sanitize the air and kill bacteria.

Many of them have a built-in USB charger, so you’re not losing the space in your cigarette lighter.

This is a quick and easy upgrade for your ride.

Add a Layer of Safety

There’s a reason that taxis have had partitions for decades. They add a layer of safety in a variety of ways. 

With COVID-19, more drivers are opting for partitions to reduce airflow inside of their vehicle.

We have reviewed the top rated car partitions for Uber & Lyft drivers.  View the list

Happy Passengers are Tipping Passengers

If their phone is dead, they can’t tip you or give you a good rating.

Powapod has Apple, USB-B and USB-C chargers with retractable cables, so there is no mess of cables to get pulled or stepped on and ruined.

It attaches to the back of your headrest or anywhere else you would like to place it. There isn’t much more to know. It’s convenient for your passengers and the retractable cables are hassle free.

You'll regret not having it

You’re wrong if you think that the only people that throw up in an Uber are the late night bar hoppers.

People get car-sick, they have the flu, they eat something that disagrees with them.  Eventually, it’s going to happen to just about every Uber driver.

These are the bags used by hospitals for sick patients and are designed for quick access as well as easy containment. The alternative is having someone throw up in your car, you have to get it detailed, you have to try to get a cleanup fee reimbursement and you can’t work for the next few hours at least.   You can get a pack of 24 for around $12.

Keep your view clear

Heavy Duty Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are one of the most important safety devices on any vehicle. Without proper visiblity, you cannot see the road ahead and your chances of getting into an accident increase dramatically.

If you have noticed that your windshield wipers are streaking, skipping, not cleaning the glass, or just not working in a satisfactory manner overall, it may be time for an upgrade.

Track your miles

Track expenses and milage automatically

The mileage deduction is one of the most valuable deductions that rideshare drivers can take. By simply tracking your business mileage, you can save more than $10 per 20 business miles tracked.

One helpful tool for tracking business mileage (and saving money) is Hurdlr’s built-in mileage tracker. The app helps rideshare drivers track their mileage, so they can maximize their deductions when tax time rolls around.

Uber used to tell them that the tip was "included"

Most people would never think to stiff a bartender or a taxi driver, but they seem to feel that Uber drivers are different.

A small tip jar/box can gently remind them that this is a service industry job and a personal thank you note reminds them that you are a person working hard for your living.

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