Best Radar Detectors for 2021

Best Radar Detectors for 2021

A speeding ticket can get you deactivated from many of the rideshare and delivery app platforms. You can be the most vigilant, careful driver and still not notice the increased rate of the flow of traffic or miss a lowered speed limit sign. Radar detectors alert you to a police radar gun active nearby, which can help remind you to slow down and avoid unwanted tickets. We’ve reviewed the top Radar Detectors for 2021.

Getting a Clean Up Fee from Uber or Lyft 4

Getting a Clean Up Fee from Uber or Lyft

So your passenger just got sick. That’s part of the territory as an Uber or Lyft driver – you’re transporting intoxicated passengers late at night, and sometimes drunk people get sick. Cleaning up results in lost time and wages. Luckily, Lyft and Uber acknowledge that their drivers are no strangers to these types of messes and they have made it simple for you to get reimbursed.

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