Best Radar Detectors for 2021

Best Radar Detectors for 2021

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A speeding ticket can get you deactivated from many of the rideshare and delivery app platforms. You can be the most vigilant, careful driver and still not notice the increased rate of the flow of traffic or miss a lowered speed limit sign. Radar detectors alert you to a police radar gun active nearby, which can help remind you to slow down and avoid unwanted tickets. We’ve reviewed the top Radar Detectors for 2021.

With speeding violations as the most frequent reason for police lights shining in your mirror, a good radar detector can help prevent a costly consequence for momentary inattention on the road. The best radar detectors have long range, has extraordinary response times, and is accurate. Check out the ones in this list for a good fit.

The Radar detectors on this list all contain technology making them undetectable to police equipment. Due to the popularity of radar detectors some police officers are equipped with a device to show them which nearby vehicles have one installed. An undetectable device keeps suspicions at a minimum and avoids negative attention.

Longest Range

Uniden R7

*Price as of 4/19/2021

  • Excellent range and sensitivity 
  • Advanced false alert filtering
  • Clear voice alerts
  • Large size
  • Display washes out in sunlight
  • Underwhelming craftsmanship 
Why We Chose It:

The Uniden R7 surpasses competitors in range and sensitivity all while offering an amazing lineup of options. Be ready for a longer setup than similar products, but it very user friendly. This alerts you to MultaRadar and RedFlex photo enforcement systems and presents three sensitivity settings for discriminating alerts regardless of driving conditions. Flashing directional arrows show on the large screen to alert the driver to where a radar is detected. With your choice of five brightness settings and a variety of colors for the display, you can really customize this to your needs.

Most User Friendly

Radenso XP

*Price as of 4/19/2021

  • GPS lockout technology
  • Legible display in sunlight
  • One-year ticket free guarantee
  • Range not as long compared to other brands
  • Enclosed suction cups might not hold
  • No autolearning feature
Why We Chose It:

Ready to go, the Radenso XP can be used straight out of the box. It does offer options to adjust settings if you would like to. This uses GPS lockout technology to remember common false alerts on your route, and warns you of red light and speed cameras in use in 22 states. Instead of the often used auto learning capabilities, The Radenso XP allows a button press adjustment. The OLED display is well lit and easy to read even on sunny days.

Best Value

Uniden R3

*Price as of 4/19/2021

  • Long range and 360-degree detection
  • Very sensitive to radar
  • Enhanced blind spot monitoring (BSM) filter system
  • Susceptible to false alarms
  • No directional arrows
  • Programming is time-consuming 
Why We Chose It:

For a more budget friendly option you can’t beat the popular Uniden R3. Tried and true, this model offers great value for your budget offering long range, GPS capabilities, up to date false alert filtering, and dependable red-light camera and speed alerts. Due to this units high sensitivity it does need more optimization which can mean a lengthy initial setup, but this only makes it more reliable as a device you can trust.

Best Radar Detector under $100

Cobra RAD 380

*Price as of 4/19/2021

  • Long range detection
  • Early warnings
  • Updateable software
  • No GPS or Bluetooth
  • No red light warning
  • Unstable suction cup mount
Why We Chose It:

A cheaply made radar and the false sense of security it can bring can be worse than driving without one. Fortunately the Cobra RAD 380 is a strong option within this budget. This offers options seen in the more expensive models, with 360-degree coverage, a legible display, and anti-false alarm filtering. It steadily detects police radar and laser signals and is an excellent safeguard for highway travel.

Our Approach

In order to ascertain which radar detectors would be best for rideshare driving, we researched those products that would be more useful to a large range of shoppers. Those factors taken into account include the item’s availability, price, and quality. User ratings and those that tested and evaluated were also considered.


Is it legal to install a radar detector?

Currently Washington D.C. and Virginia are the only two places in the US where radar detectors are illegal, according to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations. Using radar detectors in commercial vehicles or in federal parks and military bases is banned nationwide. Additionally, California and Minnesota do not permit window mounts. Though they are illegal in certain areas, an installed radar detector isn’t a moving violation, meaning insurance companies won’t penalize a driver for having one. Of course, you should check your specific state’s laws before purchasing as laws change all the time.

Is radar detector placement important?

A less noticeable detector leads to better feelings with law enforcement. A good place for it is mounted precisely under or over your rearview mirror, as near the mirror as possible. That way the detector can blend in better and be much less eye-catching.

Are radar detectors worth the money?

As a rideshare driver, a decent radar detector can be worth its weight in gold. With ticket prices rising all over, you could easily recoup the cost if it prevents you being clocked, pulled over, and fined.

How do radar detectors work?

Radar detectors serve as radio receivers to pick up frequencies in use by police radar guns. At the time the radar detector identifies a radar signal of a distinct frequency, an alarm sound and the visual display lights up to alert the driver.

What is the range a police radar can detect your speed?

Radar range is dependent on the vehicle’s size and shape. As an example, a full-size pickup’s speed can be detected from beyond a mile away, but a small, low sports car could rebound a very weak signal that might need to be within 500 feet of the radar device to be sensed.

What is a radar jammer?

Radar jammers are banned under federal law as a form of electronic warfare. Jammers put out interfering signals toward a radar gun, which blocks the receiver with extremely concentrated energy signals and scrambles the radars feedback. makes no guarantees to the usability or functionality of these products. Your experience may differ from ours. Read the fine print and reviews when selecting products to purchase. The prices above were accurate as of 2/5/2020. Price and availability may change.  We may receive a referral fee for recommending some of the products, apps or services listed on this website.   

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