Uber Driver Pay Rates by City (per Mile and per Minute)

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Rideshare drivers keep asking, “how much does uber pay in my city?”, “how much does uber pay per mile?”, “how much does uber pay per minute?”, etc.

A recent Reddit thread asked drivers how much Uber pays in their city, and we have collected the results including the per-mile rate and the per-minute rate. We want to keep this page up to date, so please send us your rate card or leave a comment so we can update the rates for your city.

How does Uber calculate driver pay?

Per Mile Fee: Uber pays drivers a fee of $X.XX per mile driven (find your city’s per-mile fee below)

Per Minute Fee: Uber pays drivers a fee of $X.XX per minute. This is in addition to the per-mile fee. (find your city’s per-minute fee below)

There are a few other things to consider. Base Fare, Boost, Promotions, and Surge are not included in these rates. What are they?

Base Fare: Each ride starts with a base fare. This is a flat fee charged to the rider at the beginning of the ride.

Boost: Boost promotions multiply the amount earned for each trip. If your boost multiple is 2x, on a trip that would normally pay $15, you’ll earn $30 instead. You’ll see Boost promos in the app and in emails from Uber.

Promotions: Uber sometimes offers promotions (promos) on top of the other pay. Some Uber promos will be an additional $100 if you complete X trips this week, or something similar. Sometimes, these proms can be quite lucrative. Sometimes not. It all depends on the demand for drivers in your city.

Surge: At times with peak demand, Uber will create surge areas on the map. Rides taken in these areas can have either a multiplier for the fare, a flat additional bonus for the ride, or an upfront fare that may be higher than the standard fare shown in the Uber app.

Uber Driver Pay Rates by City (per Mile and per Minute)

Uber Driver Pay Rates by City

These numbers are from an informal survey of reddit users in the /r/uberdrivers SubReddit as of 12:19pm CDT on October 1, 2021. There may be inaccuracies. Feel free to submit screenshots of your rate card so we can improve accuracy. We will try to update numbers as they are provided to us.
CityPer MilePer MinuteAs of
Dallas, TX$0.60$0.1210/1/2021
Sacramento, CA$0.59$0.1610/1/2021
San Diego, CA$0.65$0.2210/1/2021
Columbus, OH$0.87N/A10/1/2021
Portland, OR$0.71$0.2410/1/2021
Orlando, FL$0.54N/A10/1/2021
St Louis, MO$0.95$0.1510/1/2021
Fresno, CA$0.65$0.0810/1/2021
Appleton, WI$1.17$0.1510/1/2021
Albany, NY$0.67$0.1510/1/2021
Phoenix, AZ$0.55$0.1110/1/2021
Atlanta, GA$0.61$0.1110/1/2021
Oklahoma City, OK$0.56$0.0810/1/2021
Tucson, AZ$0.75N/A10/1/2021
Twin Cities, MN$0.64$0.2010/1/2021
Pittsburgh, PA$0.65$0.2510/1/2021
Denver, CO$0.61$0.2010/1/2021
New Jersey Shore, NJ$1.16N/A10/1/2021
Chattanooga, TN$0.68$0.1110/1/2021
Amarillo, TX$0.83$0.1310/1/2021
Miami, FL$0.62$0.1310/1/2021
Redding, CA$0.59$0.1610/1/2021
Jacksonville, FL$0.61$0.0910/1/2021
Kansas City, MO$0.68$0.1110/1/2021
Columbus, GA$0.61$0.0910/1/2021
Denver, CO$0.61$0.2010/1/2021
Memphis, TN$0.65N/A10/1/2021
Knoxville, TN$0.57$0.1110/1/2021
Las Vegas, NV$0.60$0.1610/1/2021
Seattle, WA$1.33$0.5910/1/2021
Lafayette, IN$0.95$0.1510/1/2021
Indianapolis, IN$0.55$0.1010/1/2021
Tampa, FL$0.65$0.0910/1/2021
New York City$1.10$0.5010/1/2021
New York City Suburbs$0.70$0.1810/1/2021
Hamptons, NY$1.16$0.4210/1/2021
Portland, ME$0.80$0.1110/1/2021
Houston, TX$0.60$0.1210/1/2021
Golden Triangle, MS$1.05N/A10/1/2021
Santa Barbara, CA$0.98$0.1710/1/2021
Toledo, OH$0.60$0.0910/1/2021
Worcester, MA$0.75$0.0810/1/2021
Boston, MA$0.66$0.2710/1/2021
Tucson, AZ$0.75$0.1010/1/2021
Austin, TX$0.69$0.1910/1/2021
Raleigh-Durham, NC$0.57$0.1410/1/2021
Naples, FL$0.76$0.1010/1/2021
Washington, DC$0.60$0.2210/1/2021
Sarasota, FL$0.76$0.1010/1/2021
Los Angeles, CA$0.60$0.2110/1/2021
West Lafayette, IN$0.95$0.1510/1/2021
Indianapolis, IN$0.55$0.1010/1/2021
NW Indiana$1.17$0.1510/1/2021
El Paso, TX$0.75$0.1110/1/2021
Willamette Valley, OR$1.21$0.1510/1/2021
Chattanooga, TNN/AN/A10/1/2021
San Antonio, TX$0.62$0.1210/1/2021
Nashville, TN$0.57$0.1310/1/2021
Joplin, MO$1.02$0.1910/1/2021
Bloomington, IL$0.60$0.1210/1/2021
Champaign, IL$0.71$0.1210/1/2021
Pismo Beach, CA$1.55N/A10/1/2021
Gainesville, FL$0.83$0.1010/1/2021
Jacksonville, FL$0.61$0.0910/1/2021
Ocala, FL$1.40$0.1510/1/2021
Kansas City, MO$0.61$0.1010/1/2021
Atlanta, GA$0.61$0.1110/1/2021
Burlington, VT$0.93N/A10/1/2021
Salt Lake City, UTN/AN/A10/1/2021
San Francisco, CA$0.60$0.2010/1/2021
Chicago, IL$0.61$0.2110/1/2021
Philadelphia, PA$0.69$0.2410/1/2021
Sacramento, CA$0.59$0.1610/1/2021
Tri Cities, TN$1.17$0.1910/1/2021
Wakanda, MV$4.48$1.6710/1/2021

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