The Best Way for Rideshare Drivers to Pay Tolls and Save Money

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Uproad is offering new users a free $5 credit to use towards tolls for a limited time. Use PROMO code RSGURU to claim.

As a rideshare driver, paying tolls is an annoying task. Uber and Lyft passengers pay for tolls while in the vehicle, but drivers pay any tolls encountered after the ride ends. Toll roads save time, and sometimes there’s no other road option. There are currently over 5000 miles of toll roads in the United States, increasing yearly. Thankfully, with a new app, you can plan your route, pay tolls using only your smartphone, and manage all your vehicle tolls in one place.

Uproad is a new app paving the way in the toll payment space. The app uses your license plate to recognize when you pass a toll, allowing you to ditch the toll agency transponder and pay directly through your smartphone. With this pay-as-you-go app, you’ll load credit onto your account to automatically pay for toll roads as you use them. No missed payments mean no overdue fines from toll agencies!

Uproad, founded in 2020, is committed to creating intelligent mobility solutions that make road travel safer, more reliable, efficient, and comfortable.

Sounds good to us!

How Uproad works for Rideshare Drivers

As a rideshare driver, you’re responsible for paying road tolls, even those that you’re reimbursed for (including those added to your passenger’s fare). If you don’t pay the toll, it’s you who suffers the consequences – not your passenger.

The Uproad app is super convenient. It does the tedious task of paying tolls for you. Just keep an active payment method on your account (you can use credit debit, Google Pay, and Apple Pay), and use Uproad to pay your tolls. The app also helps you plan your route and gives price estimates with a Trip Calculator. You can choose whether to save time by taking the fast lane or save money by using an alternative way – especially useful after you’ve dropped your passengers off.

How to Get Started

Select a toll payment plan

Pay your tolls as you go with the Basic plan or save on toll transaction fees with a monthly Pro plan subscription.

We’ve got payment options. Pick one, or link all three.

Based on the payment plan you choose, we accept:
Credit & Debit Card
You know the drill. Give us the digits, then use your bank account to pay.
That’s right. We accept digital payment channels too.
Venmo funds collecting dust? Transfer them to your toll fund.

Experience driving

Select a toll payment plan

Tell us what you’re driving

You can add up to ten, 2-axle passenger vehicles to your account if you’re into sharing the wealth.

Before your drive

Plan your route and set up their Toll Alert to notify you whenever you use a toll road and the estimated cost. Toll Alert will also let you know if you have enough balance to cover the payment. You can either set up a prepaid balance or opt for pay-as-you-go.

During your drive

Cameras capture your plate number as you pass a toll. Uproad instantly recognizes that you’ve used a toll road and will immediately notify you and show you the estimated toll cost.

After your drive

Within ten days of using a toll road, the toll agency sends the bill to your account for payment.

The benefits of using Uproad


 Uproad is currently offering new users a free $5 credit towards tolls. Use the PROMO code RSGURU to claim. Aside from the promo code – there are several reasons why you should download and take advantage of Uproad’s features:

No transponder

With Uproad, there is no need to use a transponder or toll agency tag. The app tracks and pays tolls directly from your smartphone.

Skip the cash lanes

There’s nothing worse than sitting in toll cash lanes, scrummaging for coins with restless passengers behind you. Uproad allows you to avoid cash toll lanes and fly effortlessly down the freeway, getting passengers where they need to be quick.

Plan your route

One of our favorite features of Uproad is the Trip Calculator that allows you to plan your route anywhere in the US, in advance, with price estimates. As a rideshare driver, this gives you the option of choosing faster ways with passengers onboard or alternative, less costly routes. You may even be able to avoid toll roads altogether. 

Business reporting feature

Uproad allows you to store and download all your toll transactions for expense and tax reporting. You can filter by car, date, and types of transactions.

Add multiple vehicles

You may be fortunate enough to own more than one vehicle as a rideshare driver. Or perhaps you have a personal car plus a ridesharing vehicle. Uproad makes it easy to pay and manage tolls for up to 10 cars.


The Uproad app features clean graphics and is incredibly simple to use. It’s quicker and easier to set up and use than toll agency-provided services.

Avoid Fines

Toll agencies usually aren’t lenient when you forget to pay a toll. Often, hefty fines accompany a missed toll payment. Uproad helps ensure that you’ll never miss a toll payment again through automatic recognition and toll payment. Say goodbye to unexpected bills in the mailbox!


Toll roads exist in 29 states, and Uproad covers most.

Here’s Uproad’s coverage map.



With Uproad, you’ll avoid high prepaid account balances that other toll-paying agencies require. Often setting up other toll agency accounts require a minimum deposit – usually $20-30, depending on the state. They also require minimum replenishment amounts.

With Uproad, you have the option to pay-as-you-go or hold a prepaid balance. There’s also an auto-refill feature that tops up your balance automatically – handy if you travel frequently.


If you get a toll agency violation that doesn’t rightly belong to you, Uproad has a dedicated team to help dispute it.

Do you need to have your phone on you?

No? As a rideshare driver, you probably have your phone with you 24/7. But if it runs out of battery, or you forget it at home, Uproad will still recognize and capture your tolls.

Once you’ve added your car to your Uproad account, you won’t have to worry about it. When you pass a toll road, a camera captures your license plate, and within ten days, the toll bill posts to your Uproad account

How much does Uproad cost?

Uproad offers two plan options to users – basic and Pro. Both plans:

  1. Provide real-time Toll Alerts
  2. Allow you to add up to 10 vehicles
  3. Provide trip cost estimates
  4. Allow you to mark transactions as business or personal, and
  5. Allow you to download activity reports.

There are some features exclusive to the Pro version, which at just $1.66 per month, is well worth it for any rideshare driver.

Here's a quick overview of the plan differences:

Basic $0/month

The basic plan is great for drivers who use toll roads occasionally. With the basic plan, you can attach a credit card to your account to which the toll charge will be attributed. This plan has a higher transaction fee per toll than the pro version, at 15.9% (with a maximum fee of $1.99).

Pro – $1.66/month

As a rideshare driver, you probably drive a lot so the Pro plan is definitely for you! One of the most significant benefits of a Pro plan is a lower transaction fee (4.9% rather than 15.9%). The maximum transaction fee for any toll charge is $1.99. The Pro version also offers greater flexibility in terms of payment options – you can use a debit or credit card, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.

Don’t forget! Uproad is currently offering a free $5 credit to use towards tolls. Use the PROMO code RSGURU to claim

How to transfer a toll agency account to Uproad?

If you’re currently using a toll agency account transponder or tag, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to follow to use Uproad.

Download the Uproad app on the Apple Store or Google Play

Create an Upload account, adding your vehicle and payment method
When your vehicle becomes ‘active,’ remove it from your toll agency account and remove any transponder or toll tag from the car
Drive away!

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