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Cargo CEO E-Mails Drivers Abruptly Shutting Down


If you’ve been doing Cargo, you probably got an email from the CEO last week telling you that Cargo is “pausing” their in-car store program. If you have a Cargo Box, you will not be paid for sales after January 10th, 2020, but those sales will go towards a contest in which the winners can which a 55″ TV or Apple Airpods.  With the number of drivers out there, it seems like selling off your inventory would be a fool’s errand as you would be doing the work with a slim chance of getting the prize since they are no longer sending product refills, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try if you want to. Selling items from the Cargo Box is pretty effortless, as your passengers make the purchases right from their phone. 

One frustration expressed by many drivers is that they were notified that the program was ending on the same day. This certainly makes you wonder what was going on in the heads of Cargo executives. I won’t speculate, but it’s rather odd.

Cargo Note from CEO

Subject: It’s been a ride – a note from Cargo’s CEO

Thank you.
The Cargo Store will officially be closing on January 31st, 2020.

Dear [NAME],

Since Cargo launched in 2016, our mission has been to help drivers earn more money and upgrade their rides. In total, drivers earned $13 million by distributing 12 million products to 35 million passengers. We’re proud of the partnership we built with you and tens of thousands of drivers in 14 cities and three countries.

Recently, we launched Cargo Beam, a new car-top advertising service that helps drivers earn even more. Today, I’m writing to let you know that we’ve determined the best path for Cargo in 2020 is to pause our Cargo Store and focus all our efforts on Cargo Beam. Here’s how this affects you:

One Last Contest

  • To go out with a bang, we’re holding a product liquidation contest! The three drivers who distribute the most items by January 31 will win a 55” TV
  • All other participating drivers will be entered to win Apple AirPods!
  • Contest winners will be notified Monday, February 3rd

Payment, Taxes & Shipping

  • You will be paid for all transactions through Friday, January 10 (as of this email) and your final payment will be Monday, January 13 for any Cargo earnings owed to you
  • Effective immediately, you will no longer earn money for transactions (these go toward the contest)
  • You will no longer receive additional product shipments
  • The Cargo Store app and website will be disabled on Friday, January 31
  • The appropriate tax documentation for 2019/2020 will still be transmitted to you as needed

Thank you for being a Cargo driver. We appreciate your understanding as we make this business transition and hope to partner with you again as we launch Cargo Beam across the US!

Drive safely, and have a wonderful 2020!

Jeff Cripe
Founder and CEO, Cargo

What's next, Cargo?

Cargo’s website boasts of their new partnership with Uber to offer a cartop display that would show advertisements for which you would get paid. They have released very few details about this new direction that the company is taking, but it’s clear that they are redirecting all of their resources towards it.  We will try to keep you up to date if this becomes a good option for earning additional revenue as a rideshare driver.

Cargo Cartop Advertising

So now what?

There are plenty of other options for earning additional revenue when doing Uber or Lyft.  Here are a few of them.

We may receive a referral fee for recommending some of the products, apps or services listed on this website.  This article is for informational purposes only.

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  1. How do I get my tax forms from 2019? What are the drivers supposed to do with all of their inventory? Do we get to keep the inventory? How do I know what to give out free?

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