The Cargo Box: Passive Income for Uber & Lyft Drivers

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Cargo is a starter kit of sorts designed for Rideshare drivers in mind that allow passengers to purchase things like snacks, candy and those random human items we usually leave behind somewhere in our homes before going out.

Today, we will be diving into how Cargo works and who we think will benefit the most from it.

If you are still unsure about what Cargo does exactly, the company sends drivers boxes jammed pack with goodies, free of charge. They also replenish your box for you (this part is also free) but do take a cut on what you are selling.

Cargo advertises that drivers can make up to $300 extra per month with the box but this all obviously depends on how much you drive.

Think of it as a convenience store in your car to help you increase your income

  • Cargo is 100% free for drivers.
  • Drivers can get free items from the box every day.
  • Cargo helps you increase ratings and tips.
  • Cargo works with all rideshare companies.
  • Cargo is an official Uber partner.
  • Cargo drivers earn an extra $100/month on average.
  • The top 10% of Cargo drivers earn $300+ per month.
The Cargo Box: Passive Income for Uber & Lyft Drivers 1

It's FREE! You've got nothing to lose by trying it, so start earning more today.

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