Instacart to Hire 300k New Drivers to Meet Demand 3

Instacart to Hire 300k New Drivers to Meet Demand

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Demand is off the charts

The on-demand grocery startup Instacart said Monday that it is planning to hire 300,000 “full-service shoppers,” over the next three months due to a huge spike in demand spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.  Instacart’s goal is to increase their workforce by more than double.  “Shoppers”, which is what Instacart refers to its delivery drivers as, are reporting never before seen demand.  With the recent coronavirus outbreak, customers are placing larger orders and tipping well, according to many Instacart Shoppers in gig economy forums. Larger orders tend to result in less mileage and less time driving, so many Instacart Shoppers prefer them.   The timing couldn’t be better, as many Uber and Lyft drivers have chosen to stay off of the road due to the CDC’s recommendations on social distancing. Other drivers are still taking passengers, but report low demand.   Learn how to protect yourself while doing rideshare.

"Leave it on the doorstep"

InstacartPostmates and Doordash all have “no-contact delivery” options, where you leave the order at the door. No need to meet the customer. You can leave it at the door, take a picture of the delivery and go. The best strategy is to sign up for multiple delivery apps and turn them on together until you accept an order, then turn off the others.  You can also try them out separately and stick with the one you like.

Instacart adds a tip by default, encouraging more customers to tip

When placing an order on Instacart, customers have a 5% tip added by default, with a $2 minimum, and are presented with the option to increase the tip in 5% increments or add a custom tip, including no tip.  

No tip is rare, though. Plus, you see if an order has a tip and choose not to accept it. Orders without a tip tend to sit without being accepted long enough that the customer may cancel or revise the order to include a tip.

Top Delivery Apps for Drivers

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