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Boost Your Earnings up to $10 per Passenger​

Freebird is an app that gives cash back and rewards points to people that take Uber and Lyft rides.

As part of Freebird’s Driver Referral Program, Freebird will pay you $10 for every new Freebird rider who uses your invite code.

Whenever a new Freebird user enters your invite code and takes their very first ride, you will receive $10 in your Freebird account. You can then transfer the cash balance to your bank account once you link it to your Freebird account.

When first time Freebird users enter your invite code they will receive $5 for each of their first two rides, which they receive upon arrival on their first two rides.

If you’re driving Uber or Lyft, you can significantly increase your earnings by handing these out to your passengers.  The best part is that once they use your referral card, they may pass that card along to a friend. 

There is no reason to limit your rideshare earnings to just the Uber & Lyft fare.

Get Your Own Referral Cards to Earn up to $10 Per Referral

How to Start Earning from Referrals:

  1. Use this link to get the app and enter the promo code RSGURU to start with up to $10 in promos for yourself.
  2. Strike up conversation with passengers to tell them about the app and share your invite code.

Step 3

View your referrals in the app and cash out once they take a ride
Freebird Referrals 2 makes no claims to the reliability or functionality of these apps. We may receive a referral fee for recommending some of the apps listed on this website. Promo codes have terms and limitations and not all users will be eligible to redeem them.

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