Can't Drive Uber Because of Car Trouble?

Can’t Drive Uber Because of Car Trouble?

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We have all been there; You’re driving across town and the check engine light comes on. Other than a random expletive or five what do you do? Panic? Call your dad, or cousin, or uncle? You don’t have time for this. Life is complicated, and there are obstacles. Even more so when you need your ride for your income.

Wrench is one of several newer services whose goal is to remove the hassle of auto repair. They have mobile mechanics who come to you, which gives you the opportunity to drop the shop. Allowing you to avoid working around a shop’s schedule, boring waiting rooms with old magazines, poor customer service, and confusing estimates.

Time is money.

I needed my brakes done not too long ago, and what a hassle. I appreciate and trust my mechanic but I waited a week for an appointment, then had to drop off the car the night before. Which meant dragging the kids out and swapping out car seats and driving across town with both cars so I had a ride home. I also had to take time off work the following day and then go through that whole circus all over again by six o’clock or not have a car the next day.

They come to you.

Wrench sends trustworthy ASE certified mechanics who are vetted with at least five years of experience working in shops with proven track records for customer service and quality work. All Mechanics also must pass a thorough background check.

Wrench comes to your home, office or parking garage. You are able to choose the time based on their availability. On their website, they state the ability to do over 80% of all car repair and maintenance work that can be done outside of a shop.

Wrench Mechanic App
Keeping it simple.

You load your car details into the app or website and get a quote. If you want you can then set up a diagnostic appointment based on your schedule. After the diagnostic visit, you have the option to schedule another appointment to complete the repair. Upfront quotes for diagnostics and services give you the ability to make the right decision for your needs. You do have to give credit card information which is preauthorized for your service, later this is how you pay your bill.

Transparency creates trust.

Touting fixed and transparent pricing, Wrench offers reliable service with a Wrench-backed warranty of 12 months / 12 thousand miles. They allow 3 months and 3 thousand miles for oil changes. As they offer 7 days a week customer service, Wrench seems like a good option.

The convenience, efficiency, and the warranty are a big deal. Something you may have a hard time finding elsewhere. makes no claims to the reliability or functionality of any app or service. We may receive a referral fee for recommending some of the apps listed on this website. Promo codes have terms and limitations and not all users will be eligible to redeem them.

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