Stay Safe & Earn: No-Contact Deliveries Are Booming!

Stay Safe & Earn: No-Contact Deliveries Are Booming!

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No Customer Contact Deliveries Implemented to Protect Drivers

With “shelter in place” orders in place across the country, Rideshare has come to a screeching halt. People are staying home, and drivers are (rightfully) wary of having strangers in their car in the midst of a pandemic. The recent CARES Act may provide some short term relief, and there are multiple other ways to apply for relief from federal or state agencies. However, many would prefer to just continue working in a way that allows them to follow social distancing guidelines.

Other side gigs like InstacartDoordash, Shipt, and Postmates have all introduced no-contact deliveries; you can just leave the order at their door and take a picture of it as proof of delivery.  Not only does this allow for you to avoid direct contact with customers, but it avoids the issue of a customer not being available to receive their order and having the order canceled.

Drivers have also been reporting that delivery gigs have been drastically busier and tips have gone up significantly.  Another benefit is that the vehicle requirements are usually a lot looser, so you can deliver with a vehicle that is too old to use for Uber or Lyft. There are plenty of ways to work from home, but if driving is your bread and butter, here’s how to adapt to the situation and keep earning.

Top No-Contact Delivery Gigs

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