8 Great Reasons To Drive with HopSkipDrive 31

8 Great Reasons To Drive with HopSkipDrive

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There are pros and cons to every rideshare platform.  I won’t name names, but I’ve heard from plenty of drivers about negative experiences that they’ve had. Obviously, you’re driving to earn money, but happiness is important too.  Most people would earn a little less to enjoy what they’re doing more, but you may not have to make that compromise after all.  

Enter HopSkipDrive.

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What is HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive is a unique rideshare platform designed to provide safe, reliable transportation for students and seniors in several cities across the United States. The pay is among the best in the rideshare industry, and their U.S.-based Safe Ride driver support is unmatched.  HopSkipDrive was founded by Joanna McFarland, Carolyn Yashari Becher, and Janelle McGlothlin, “three working mothers with a total of eight children, who attend seven schools and are involved in karate, soccer, tennis, horseback riding, baseball, music, dance, gymnastics, and skateboarding.”, according to a piece about the company in the New York Times, to help busy parents shuttle their children around.

8 Great Reasons To Drive with HopSkipDrive 26

What Is It Like To Drive for Hopskipdrive?


Drivers for HopSkipDrive are referred to as CareDrivers and can earn up to $32/hour plus bonuses. In addition, through September 30, 2021, they are offering guarantees that could result in earnings up to $50/hour plus bonuses. (Details available here.)

Cancellation Fees

If a ride is cancelled within 8 hours of the scheduled pick-up, you will receive 50% of the estimated fare.  If the ride is canceled within 1 hour of the scheduled pick-up, you will receive the entire estimated fare.

I put this in bold because the cancelation fees on some of the other platforms often don’t pay for the cost of driving to the location. This is another example of HopSkipDrive really looking out for its drivers.

See Rides Before you Accept

HopSkipDrive will use various factors to offer rides that are the best fit for you.  You will be shown something called a ‘Ride Series’, a recurring ride that occurs every day, week, etc. until the rider or driver opts out. This will show you the pick-up and drop-off locations and how much the ride will pay before you accept the ride series.  

This is something that drivers of other platforms have long asked for and a huge plus with HopSkipDrive. Having regular passengers that you take on a regular basis helps you have predictability in your schedule and earnings and puts the passenger at ease since they may be seniors or children.

When you claim a ride series, you become the Primary CareDriver for the series. That means that you have exclusive access to claim rides in the series three weeks in advance before the rides are shown to other available drivers. This can be a great way to develop predictable earnings and a regular schedule.

Learn more about Ride Series rides here.

The Experience

Driving children and seniors provides an opportunity to be a real asset to your community. You won’t be having the same experiences as you would have if you were driving people home from bars on a Saturday night, which is no doubt an important service to your community as well. This gives you a chance to connect with people who really need your help and greatly appreciate it as well. One of the reasons for HopSkipDrive’s success has been their concern for the happiness of their employees and drivers, and it shows.

What Cities Does HopSkipDrive Operate In?

Northern California
Southern California
Colorado-Front Range
Virginia / D.C.
Dallas / Fort Worth
Las Vegas
Midland-Odessa, TX

HopSkipDrive is rapidly expanding. You can see the most updated list of service areas here.

What Are the Top Reasons to Drive with HopSkipDrive?

  1. Guaranteed minimum earnings seem to be higher with HopSkipDrive. 
  2. Knowing ride pay and distance beforehand is also a huge factor to take into account.
  3. Scheduled, recurring rides mean you can predict your schedule and earnings in advance.
  4. U.S.-based support.
  5. Since most rides are to/from school or after-school activities, it’s perfect for parents or people driving in addition to their day job. Full-time drivers can still do other platforms in-between their HopSkipDrive rides.
  6. HopSkipDrive seems to have a genuine focus on keeping drivers happy.
  7. Due to the nature of the company (driving children and seniors), a focus on safety for both passengers and drivers is unmatched in the industry.
  8. Canceled rides pay 50% if canceled within 8 hours or 100% if canceled within 1 hour of the scheduled pick-up time.
8 Great Reasons To Drive with HopSkipDrive 27

How do You Sign Up to Drive with HopSkipDrive?


  1. You must have a good driving record.
  2. Be at least 23 years old
  3. 4-door vehicle less than 10 years old.
  4. Have at least 5 years of caregiving experience
  5. Pass a multi-agency background check, which includes fingerprinting.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Complete the registration information
  3. Submit pictures of the required documents and of your vehicle.
  4. Submit fingerprints and pass a background check.

Wrapping Up

HopSkipDrive may not be perfect for every driver, but for the right person, it’s a great opportunity. Great pay, fantastic support, fun customers, and lots of flexibility.  It’s great for parents or people that want something extra before and/or after their day job, as well as full-time drivers that want some predictability. If that’s you, it’s worth checking out.

Learn more at HopSkipDrive.com.

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