Get More Done and Save With a $10 TaskRabbit Promo Code 6

Get More Done and Save With a $10 TaskRabbit Promo Code

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A Team of Helpers at your Fingertips

Home life is busier than ever. With plenty of distraction and less work-life balance, everyone could use an extra hand.

That’s where TaskRabbit comes in. The app connects people in need of basic services with taskers ready to help.

Services offered through the app include home repairs, furniture assembly, heavy lifting, delivery, painting, yardwork, light installation, and so much more. Choose your ideal Tasker by scrolling through reviews, skills, and rates. Taskers set their own schedules, but most jobs can be accomplished the day they’re posted.

There are plenty of ways to hire someone for a quick project, but TaskRabbit makes the process easy. Message, hire, pay, and review your helper all in one place. If you work well with a Tasker, and want to hire them again, you can save them as a favorite to make booking easier the next time around.

Save with the TaskRabbit promo codes below

Promo Code: NEW10US
$10 OFF – First Task in the US
Expiration Date: 5/30/2020

Promo Code: NEW10UK
£10 OFF – First Task in the UK
Expiration Date: 5/30/2020

Promo Code: NEW10CA
$10 OFF – First Task in Canada
Expiration Date: 5/30/2020

Become a Tasker

Becoming a Tasker is an easy way to make extra income on a flexible schedule. Taskers get to pick their rates, choose their jobs, and work as little or as much as they want.

Getting Started with TaskRabbit

There are three steps to getting started with TaskRabbit:

  1. Register Online
  2. Attend an Info Session
  3. Get Started

Once you create an account, TaskRabbi will have you complete an online registration form. It’ll ask basic questions like your name, address, and email. After you register, you’ll be able to take part in an on-boarding process. You’ll take part in an info session that’s specific to the city you live in. Once your on-boarding is complete, you can start accepting jobs.

Every time you log on, TaskRabbit will notify you of potential jobs in your area. When you create a profile with TaskRabbit, you’ll be able to list your specializations. TaskRabbit will use this to match you with jobs you’ll be able to complete.

If you find a job you’d like to accept, you can reach out to the client to confirm details such as timing and location. After you’ve completed the task, you can submit your invoice to get paid.

Hire a Tasker

With TaskRabbit, everything is in one place. Use the app to book help, manage tasks, message, and send photos. It’s the simplest way to check off basic tasks on your to-do list.

Contactless Tasks

Social distance while getting the help you need with daily tasks. There are plenty of jobs TaskRabbit can help with that don’t require contact between the Tasker and the Client. Consider hiring a Tasker for:

  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Contactless Prescription
  • Pick-up & Delivery
  • Run Errands
  • Grocery Delivery & Shopping
  • Drop Off Donations
  • Yard Work
  • Virtual Assistant
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