Freebird Rides: Cash Back on all your Uber and Lyft Rides



I was turned on to Freebird by a fellow rider and if you take Uber or Lyft often, this is a no brainer. 

Freebird has deals with bars, restaurants and other hot-spots to help them get business.  If you are taking a ride to or from one of these destinations, or close to one, you earn points that can be redeemed for cash. 

There are lots of loyalty programs out there for various services, but Freebird has a great payout.  You average $0.25-$1.00 per ride.  Plus, they have promotions that give a higher payout or just add cash to your account. 

If you take a ride to one of the destinations that they have a promo with and spend money at that establishment, you get back anywhere from $1-$10 after your purchase.  I’ve been using it and I’ve seen the deposits, so I know it works.

If you use Uber or Lyft, you should use Freebird.  Simple as that.

Use this link to get the app and enter the promo code RSGURU to start with an extra $10 in your account.


Step 2

Go to the Promo Codes section and enter code RSGURU​
Freebird Promo Codes

Step 3

Tap on the promo and request a ride to collect your bonus

Start with promo code RSGURU for an easy $10, then check out the other offers in the app. makes no claims to the reliability or functionality of these apps. We may receive a referral fee for recommending some of the apps listed on this website. Promo codes have terms and limitations and not all users will be eligible to redeem them.

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