Delivery Gigs: High Demand & Better Social Distancing 2

Delivery Gigs: High Demand & Better Social Distancing

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Drivers not sure where to turn to safely earn a living

For many drivers, Rideshare presents a flexible way to earn a living, or supplement other income.  The question being asked is “how can I earn money while limiting my exposure?”.  Working from home is an option for many people, if they have the right skills. For others, driving jobs are the way to go and one way to reduce your overall exposure is to switch to delivery. Other side gigs like ShiptUber EatsInstacartRoverPostmates and Doordash do involve interaction, but much less than rideshare driving. Most of them have introduced delivery options where you can just leave the order at their door. Drivers have also been reporting that delivery gigs have picked up drastically and are paying quite well, due to people stocking up and not wanting to leave their homes.  Maybe switching from rideshare to delivery is the way to go while we wait for things to blow over.

Top Alternatives to Uber and Lyft

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