Mpow CD Slot Phone Mount with Three Side Grips

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  • Hands-Free GPS Navigation: By providing hands-free GPS navigation, the MPOW mount allows drivers to keep both hands on the wheel. Cell phone car mounts reduce the likelihood of accidents that can harm you and your passengers.
  • Phone Compatability: The arms extend from 1. 8in. /4. 5cm to 3. 8in. /10cm. The 0.6-inch arms work well to hold models from 4. 7’’ to 6. 8’’, even with a thin case on.
  • CD Slot Mounts: Make your CD player functional again with the MPOW phone holder. The base slips into your CD slot, then expands and locks into place. 
  • Three-sided Grip Design: The MPOW car phone mount has three side grips to help hold your device in place. A button along the sides prompts the phone to pop out of the mount. The mount also offers 360-degree rotation for great viewing angles.
  • Fits 99% of CD Slots: The car mount won’t damage your CD slot, and can be customized for a secure fit by turning the knob. You can still listen to your CDs with the mount installed.


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