HyreCar Review: Vehicle Rentals for Uber and Lyft Drivers

HyreCar Review: Best Car Rental for Uber & Lyft Drivers?

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We all know how expensive it can be to own a car, especially if you are putting tons of miles on for work. Ridesharing platforms like Uber and Lyft have become a booming industry and a great way to make an income. But, as a driver, using your own car may not always be an attractive or viable option. In this review, we’ll give you all relevant information to decide if renting a vehicle from HyreCar is right for your needs as a driver.

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What is HyreCar?

HyreCar is an online car rental service that provides vehicles for drivers who work for Uber, Lyft, and similar services. HyreCar was started in 2015, after forming the original idea, the founders set out to create a new company that would allow their customers to book a rideshare car rental on-demand. The main issue they saw was that many drivers did not have access to reliable vehicles which could interfere with their ability to make money on platforms like Lyft and Uber. By providing some of the most affordable rates available on the market, HyreCar has established itself as one of the best ridesharing rental solutions looking for easy access to cars without paying too much.


The Benefits of HyreCar

HyreCar has become so popular among drivers who rely on their cars for income because of the numerous advantages it provides, including:

Access to Hundreds of Vehicles from Across the Country

HyreCar offers access to vehicles that might not be available through other car rental companies. With an extensive network of partners all over the U.S., providing you with access to a HyreCar rental in most major cities.

Affordable Rental Rates

The rates at HyreCar are one of the biggest reasons so many drivers flock here for car rentals. By working directly with vehicle owners, HyreCar has been able to establish itself as one of the most affordable car rental companies available for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Convenience & Easy Set-Up

HyreCar has made the process of renting very easy by setting up everything online. Once you apply as a driver, you’re free to browse available cars at your own pace until you find something suitable. At this point, all you have to do is make contact with the owner directly and arrange the rest. Payments are done online so you don’t have to worry about running around with cash or giving out your credit card information.

No Contract or Long-term Commitment Required

One of the biggest benefits is that you can rent a vehicle from HyreCar without ever having to sign a contract. There are no long-term commitments, so you’re always free to leave whenever you feel it’s necessary. It takes about five minutes to apply and there’s never been an easier way to get into the ridesharing business.

HyreCar Handles Maintenance and Repairs

Vehicles are bound to need some maintenance when being used for ridesharing. Fortunately, HyreCar handles all maintenance and repairs with your HyreCar insurance so you don’t have to worry about the finer details. This is another way in which HyreCar provides convenience to drivers who are looking for something simple.

Why Use HyreCar?

Drivers who are eager to make money, but don’t want to worry about finding a car for their work may find that HyreCar provides everything they need. Affordable rates and their straightforward HyreCar rental system make it very easy for drivers to get started working quickly. Here are some of the most common reasons why drivers sign up with HyreCar:

You Don’t Have Your Own Car

If you don’t have your own vehicle, working for Uber or Lyft is not an option.  However, if you sign up with HyreCar, you can rent a car to use as soon as possible. This makes it so that working for the major ridesharing companies is no longer limited to those who can afford to purchase their own car. Drivers can use this service indefinitely or just until they save up enough money to buy a car of their own.

Access to Newer or More Spacious Vehicles

One of the most frustrating things about starting out with Uber or Lyft is that you have to start off using your own car, which might not be in great condition or may not be new enough to meet company requirements. With HyreCar, you don’t have to worry about any of this because they provide access to cars that are much newer and in better condition than your current vehicle. This also gives you the opportunity to rent a larger vehicle if your car is too small or if you want to try out driving as an XL vehicle.

Just Getting Into Ridesharing

If you’re testing the ridesharing waters, you may not want to commit to getting a car for ridesharing. No one wants to invest money into something that they’re not sure will be worthwhile in the end. Using a HyreCar rental will give drivers the opportunity to work as a driver for Uber and Lyft (and maybe other companies as well) to see how it goes without having to worry about long-term commitments or contracts.

Your Vehicle Needs Repairs

HyreCar can be a great temporary solution for drivers that need to wait or save to repair their own vehicle.  Since cars are meant to be driven, they’re bound to go through some wear and tear. If you have a car that goes out of commission for a few days or weeks, HyreCar can help you keep your income high without having to spend unnecessary money on renting a vehicle.

How Does it Work?

Renters choose their cars, dates, and locations through the HyreCar website. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for you’ll start your renter application which consists of a quick background check. You will only need to complete a background check for your first HyreCar rental with the app.

Once approved, you’ll need to connect your bank account and pay in full upfront. Once this process is complete, you can rent any of their cars from the fleet.

HyreCar Requirements for Drivers

There are no special licenses or registrations necessary but drivers do need to pass a background check before renting a vehicle from their platform. Drivers who meet these basic HyreCar requirements can start driving with HyreCar within a couple of hours. Some of the HyreCar requirements drivers must meet to pass the background check, include:

Being at least 21 years old

Having a government-issued ID

Having a social security number

Having a clean driving record (no major violations or DUI’s)

Having a clean criminal record

What Types of Vehicles Can I Use?

HyreCar can provide access to a number of different makes so you are sure to find exactly what you need. Whether you are renting to drive for Uber or Lyft, HyreCar has the perfect car at the perfect price. Drivers who choose HyreCar have access to cars like luxury sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even motorcycles. You can view photos of each HyreCar rental on the website to decide which option is best for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Owners using the platform set their own prices so the marketplace tends to be fairly competitive, benefiting the drivers. Members can book a two-day HyreCar rental as low as $20, with additional fees depending on how long you are planning to keep the car. Rates tend to depend heavily on the type of vehicle that you are taking out and whether or not you will need it for more than two days.

Additional Fees

Mileage Limits

HyreCar mileage limits usually land around 250-300 miles per day but vary from vehicle to vehicle. If you go over the mileage threshold, there are additional fees of $0.25 per mile. This is common among car rental services who typically have mileage limits to ensure the safety and maintenance of their vehicles.


Rentals should be given to the driver with a full tank of gas. Drivers are responsible for refilling their vehicles with gas before returning them to HyreCar. The company does require the owner to submit a photo of the gas gauge before pick up.


HyreCar uses Wise Mobility to track each vehicle for citations and tolls. Once the company sees one of these, they transfer liability to the renter. Both parties will receive an email about this and the renter will be given a three day period to pay without additional fees.


Drivers are responsible for cleaning their vehicles before returning them to HyreCar. If the car is not returned in clean condition, there may be an additional fee added to your total at the end of your trip.

HyreCar Insurance for Your Rideshare Car Rental

Renters can rest easy knowing that they have access to full coverage through HyreCar. The company provides its own HyreCar insurance policy so that if there are any problems while you are driving the vehicle, you can rest assured that you are covered. When your HyreCar rental is up, the vehicle will be inspected and detailed before it goes back on the lot. HyreCar insurance also provides all renters with an emergency roadside assistance plan to keep you safe and secure on the road.

Is Booking a HyreCar Rental a Good Idea?

Having a car is necessary to start a successful ridesharing service – but this can be difficult for those with limited resources. With HyreCar, interested drivers can find a fast and easy way to rent cars for their Uber and Lyft work. With affordable prices and helpful support, this is the perfect company for gig workers who don’t have a steady car of their own or just don’t want to put the extra wear and tear on their own vehicle.

As far as renting a car for your gig work, you can’t really do much better than HyreCar. They have the most affordable deals out there when it comes to renting cars for Uber and Lyft overall. Their prices are well below what most other companies offer, yet they provide many of the same conveniences that drivers look for when choosing their rental company. If you are an Uber or Lyft driver who is looking for a way to make your ridesharing job more affordable, HyreCar provides the perfect solution.

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